Level 1 Client Testimonials


As this was my first home purchase, I will admit that I was a little intimidated. Purchasing a foreclosure can have many hidden issues that the average person would overlook. Jim did an outstanding job with the home inspection process. From start to finish, everything was done step-by-step with him explaining in detail what he was doing, while giving advice on anything he found to be an issue or that he would change to make things more habitable and safe. I could not be more impressed at the professionalism and knowledge that Jim showed. I definitely recommend his service to anyone buying a home.

- Ben, Kimball Township, MI

Jim Birko was incredibly helpful. His inspection was thorough. He was very knowledgeable and straightforward about positives and concerns about the house. We felt that he had our best interests as buyers in mind. We were able to proceed with confidence regarding the condition of the home.

- Chris and Kelsey, Clawson, MI

Level 1 Home Inspections and Consulting brought years of knowledge and experience and showed great professionalism throughout our home inspection process. Jim walked us through the house, pointing out any concerns he had and taking detailed notes to write up his report. Not only did he point out the concerns he had, he was able to answer any questions and gave us great advice. We highly recommend Level 1 Home Inspections and Consulting to anyone who wants a quality, informative home inspection from someone who cares about the home in which you will be spending your future.

- Nick and Stephanie, Auburn Hills, MI